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One Sunday evening in Dublin city centre, I happened to be at the bus stop waiting for my bus home. As seems all too common on Dublin bus schedules, the next bus was not due for about half an hour.  A common remedy for my chunk of unused time is to go into Easons bookstore and browse the shelves. This shop alone is a testimony to humankind’s love affair with the unscientific and often outright ridiculous. Books and magazines from astrology to UFO’s await the eager minds of the scientifically illiterate. This particular evening went one step further in proving to me, the outright craving many have for all things superstitious. The claim to the book’s authenticity, on brazen display, was the sentence “Sunday Times Best Seller”.  Of course everyone knows that Sunday newspapers go to every length to ensure scientific accuracy of all it endorses before giving it the seal of approval. All that know me will quickly note my sarcastic intent clearly on display. However on a serious note it is this profit driven media sensationalism that allows the purveyors of baloney to get a foothold in the market.  This time the bunkum was written by Dublin born Lorna Byrne.  Two different versions of a book titled Angels in my hair were on keen display. Needless to say such a title was hardly the product of a keen intellectual. I have to confess though, if the book were to be written as fictional chicklit, I would have had nothing but admiration for the writing. The pages ooze in the emotional porn of false hope, obviously designed with women in mind, a fact shown by the female content of the author’s facebook page.

Despite a reasonable literary acumen, I have no doubt that the book would not have been nearly as lucrative were it not for the incredibly narcissistic and near messianic claims made by its author.  A quick look at her facebook page reveals the godlike esteem in which she is held, a fact that I find deeply disturbing.  The story unfolds with Lorna as a child growing up in an impoverished Kilmainham house in a near state of disrepair. The author is never short at depicting the poverty that was the norm for many living in 1960s Ireland. From the onset she attests to psychic supernatural ability. In the early pages, she describes a visit to the Moore Street traders, where her mother decides to purchase apples from the famous Dublin street traders. She describes how an angel let her know that the trader deceitfully put some rotten apples into the bag and acted by letting the bag fall and foul fruit becoming visible for both to see.  Her claims of the supernatural get a lot more fantastic from here.

The angels foretell that something terrible is about to happen to a young boy cycling his bicycle. He subsequently gets hit by a truck and she claims to have seen the boy continue cycling his bike into heaven, not known he had in fact died. How comforting indeed.  But most incredible of all, is the claim that the Old Testament prophet Elijah showed her a vision of the man she would marry. Yes the forerunner to Moses in the Bible, and the one who is present with Jesus at the transfiguration decided to intervene in the affairs of a suburban Dublin woman. Not only is it important for this angelic figure to intervene in Lorna’s love life but she also claims that as an adult, Elijah searches the newspaper property pages and finds the couple a dilapidated cottage in Maynooth. What better PA to have than the angelic prophet of Judeo-Christianity?

Another one of Lorna’s proclaimed miracles is the power of invisibility. While in her first job at her father’s garage, angels tell her that someone will come in and steal something from the shop. They then make her invisible to the determined thief and he subsequently makes off with a cassette. The angels seem more interested in divine providence than any implementation of worldly law. They warn Lorna she must not say anything to her father about the theft.  Upon taking an injured bird of prey under her wing and nursing it back to health, the archangel Michael appears and tells Lorna that she must endure the suffering of others so as to hand it up to god. Leaving the insane and messianic narcissism to one side, wasn’t Jesus supposed to have done this already?

In another chapter she is on a fishing trip with her father and they go to an old building. She describes encountering a supernatural beast that has no mouth or eyes. Her father is unable to see this, as he lacked the godly messianic powers of his heavenly daughter. He sees the chairs fly across the room and the fire explode into a great ball. They make a hasty exit, only for Lorna to declare she is being chased by the devil.

She describes the moment when the Angel Elijah’s prophesy comes true and her husband to be starts a job at her father’s garage. It is at this time she claims to be able to see sickness in a body before it is observable by medical science. The description of her visions include bones flashing, a greyness around organs or a moving forward of the heart.

One could rant indefinitely about the bizarre supernatural claims made by Lorna but two are strikingly crazy. She gives an account of a holiday in Mullingar where she asks to be left alone. While walking on a solitary Westmeath back road, she asks the archangel Michael to appear as a human, and he obliges. Hand in hand, the couple walk down the road until they come to an overgrown forest.  Some might have said Joe Dolan was the biggest miracle Mullingar had ever seen but there is yet one more. The archangel Michael causes the overgrown thorn bushes to part and create a path for them both to walk. Where did we see this type of thing before in the Bible? Just as bizarre a claim is the fact she writes that someone in Mullingar saw the archangel Michael with her and thought it was a friend. She claims at least three people had seen the archangel Michael with her and had made the same mistake. Most disturbing, is the fact, in a later chapter, her husband Joe is dying of complications from diabetes.  She describes a scene where the archangel Michael manifests himself in physical form, but this time as a feathered angel. She writes about how she was comforted by his feathery fingers around her. This to me is a pressingly urgent matter for psychiatric investigation, all the more important is the fact she is writing about the impending death of her husband which she claims was prophesised by one of heavens most senior angels Elijah.

An equal cause for concern is that she claims to have prophesised the death of a missing baby in Maynooth under a footbridge. She recounts how the angel Arabia appeared to her and told her she would connect her soul with that of another. That night, she writes that the spirit of a dead baby came into her house while she was asleep with her husband Joe. She goes on to say how afraid she was that she would  wake up Joe, but nonetheless rolled over in the bed for the baby spirit to get in. She described how the spirit baby looked entirely human and she wanted to touch it.

Surely even the most devout believer should be sceptical of these claims. If they are untrue, then it only leaves two other options, either Lorna is a profoundly disturbed individual or she lacks emotional attachment to other people and is cynically manipulating the most vulnerable in society for money or to indulge in her own narcissism. She has been interviewed everywhere from RTE to CNN and has articles published in many newspapers. She has above thirty six thousand devotees on facebook. Quite frankly the history of such self-proclaimed holy people is not good. We can study the profiles of people from Satya Sai Baba to Christina Gallagher and glance at their track record. Belief in gods or angels or whatever story people gain comfort from is not the issue (although I actively wish for a more evidence based society) the problem is humans claiming supernatural ability. We have a long history of such people and again and again it ended in failure and the erosion of trust. If people proclaim these things as a result of psychosis they should be treated with sympathy, however it is often the case that the intention is much more sinister and these people are not stopped until great harm is done to many people. It should not be satisfactory for any wannabe guru to say I have this power and you will have to take my word for it. The litany of evidence is that this business is one of deception and trickery and is all too easy when dealing with vulnerable suggestible people.  If gods or angels were to exist (I have great doubts) then they must do the business of providing the evidence for the miracles they wish humans to be witness to. Think about it for a second. If god wanted us to believe in divine intervention, why would he have sent such a long list of proven charlatans throughout our history?

I hope writing this will encourage more people to ignore Lorna and any other quack that makes miraculous claims. We must focus on corporate responsibility within the media and an attitude of educating as many people as possible. The scientist Carl Sagan once said everyone should have a baloney detection kit. The above story is a powerful example of Sagan’s immortal words.

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48 thoughts on “The Curious Case of Lorna Byrne”

  1. Excellent piece. I heard Lorna Byrne in an interview with Ray D’Arcy one morning where she was discussing evil and how she’d seen a teenage boy standing in front of her one day looking at her with hatred and she knew from looking in his eyes he was an agent of the devil.
    Flippant but I was thinking teenage boys have enough on their plate without wondering why the crazy looking woman is staring them as if they’re the devil.

  2. This woman is a nut job. I am sorry her sick husband had to endure her mental illness whilst dying. Ridiculous this woman gets airtime. We need more rational broadcasters

  3. Also a blogger, not publicly by my real name – and I usually just talk nonsense but we ‘almost’ know each other in RL now – glad to be following along! I can’t even wrap my head around this sort of nonsense, it’s so opportunistic. I can’t even think the way this fakir does.

    1. i dont understand why anyone who doesnt belive in lorna would take the time to read up about her and be very negative towards her. there are so many bad things in this world so if lorna is putting a little bit of hope and love into peoples lives and the world then this can only be a good thing!

      1. Sarah deceiving people (whether deliberate or out of being delusional) is never a good thing. The people on Lorna’s site are emotionally dependent on a person who believes or pretends she can communicate with the archangel Michael. A person who claims the angels once walked with her in human form in Mullingar. Just how exactly is this a good thing? People on her page are certainly in need of love and to know they are cared about but not by a business venture that spreads lies and distorts reality to sell books and do media interviews. The experience of those who are let down by these people is heart breaking. Academically it is setting back the progress of science by promoting the concept of interventionist beings that quite frankly belong to a different millennium. The history of those who claim miraculous or psychic ability is littered with fraud and broken trust. Whether delusional or devious Lorna is very unlikely to be any different. Who is anyone to say false hope is better than encouraging people to try to have the courage to embrace reality whether or not they believe in god.

  4. Well cyril, you have quite obviously purchased this book youself and read it from cover to cover. why do you show so much interest? It seems you are doing exactly the same as lorna only on the flip side. your “interest“ smacks of jealousy. you consider yourself a learned person who likes to spew vocabulary hoping to make yourself sound wise. Leave her site if it troubles you so much.

    1. Diane yes I did read her book cover to cover with a pen to underline the bits that are either delusions of grandeur or psychological deception. The fact that you have passed the comments I have made shows you are either emotionally dependent on this person or have a vested interest in the business of false hope. This is not entertainment nor counselling Diane you need to be aware of that. I cant or wouldn’t stop you from continuing to follow people like that but you need to know it is deception either deliberate or the result of the delusions of an extremely narcissistic individual. You are free to be angry at me but I do not return any hostility towards you so long as you are not a participant in this type of business venture.

      1. Sorry cyril i am by no means angry but i really dont understand why you feel th e need to get involved in something you quite obviously dont understand. I am not emotionally dependant on lorna byrne but i have very strong faith in God. you seem to be trying very hard to turn people away from love, hope and holy guidence. Lorna is simply asking people to love and care more. Where is the problem? our conversations will never achieve anything with each other as we clearly have different opinions. you will never change those opinions of the people who follow lorna byrnes site so rather than creating annoyance why not just leave and let people make their own minds up

      2. Diane Lorna Byrne is a miracle claimant the fact that it is too difficult for you to read the reasons I’m doing this is exactly why I am. If Lorna was not claiming a bunch of supernatural powers I would leave her alone. The history of people who do these things is probably too difficult for you to even grasp. You are not my enemy Diane but Lorna very much is. You can find love in your Church or family or friends but people who do the things Lorna does need to be challenged otherwise lots of innocent people get hurt. Love is about trust Diane people who make the types of claims Lorna does simply cannot be trusted.

  5. I have been reading all of these responses. I know why Cyril writes this b.c he has good points though the stories he shares from the book are taken out of context and pieced together to sound just a little more crazy. You read each sentence looking for information that set your personal alar bells off vs. to read in to the meaning of it. Personally I do not believe it is well written. What you do that is obsessive and vengeful is consistently monitor Lorna’s FB page and leave stalker-ish notes. You do not have to believe in God, Angels or any part of life that is not scientifically proven. That is your choice and it is how life makes sense to you. I read Lorna’s book AFTER I stumbled upon her online after returning from midnight mass a couple months ago. I am not a black or white minded person but it very difficult for me to believe in anything unless I have researched facts well and settled in to my own theories and understandings. I am by nature skeptical in mind and very open in heart. The difference for me with Lorna and what she shares is that I have to keep an open mind for a very simple reason. I cannot deny an experience I had as a little girl with 3 or 4 angels visiting me in bed and speaking to me. I could not hear them or understand them at first so I remember I had to find a way to speak loud enough for them to hear but quiet enough not to wake my older sister. I won’t bother sharing what they spoke. I have had several other large and small experiences in my lifetime as well as 2 clear visions of men I would not meet until years later. None of it made sense as a child but much of it has unfolded as told to me. I never spoke of these things b/c I for one, never fully embraced them. I would forget about it all until another experience came which would stop me in my tracks. It was always for a good laugh for my father to have me tell women the sex of their unborn baby or for friends to tease me about being awakened at the very moment a large earthquake or other catastrophe occured in another state or country. We just had fun with it but never took it further. I never claimed “gifts” nor did my friends. After awhile, I started looking at exact time on bedside alarm clock when awakened and then turning on the TV, and later the internet, just to see, or have it unnervingly confirmed, WHY I was awakened in middle of the night. So – some of what Lorna shares is making me go deeper, making me listen, not to her but to whatever has been trying make me listen all my life. Cyril, I am one of the brightest, most thoroughly studied and objective people. The problem is, I cannot deny Lorna b/c I have never fully denied all I have experienced. Lorna’s experiences are 100x more powerful than mine but there is a deep sense in me that feels she really has experienced much of what she shares. All of our minds are different. Maybe hers in so unfiltered that all she experiences is that much clearer, untainted. I was raised with Catholic and Protestant families but religion was not something necessarily taught to me through consistent church attendance or Bible studies. Religion was brought to me from that one moment in bed. I knew. I know it now. I will grant you that I have had to sit for awhile until reading her 2nd book. Some of the things do sound incredulous and manufactured. I do feel a bit sheepish . I have to read it when I am personally ready for it. I will also grant you that many people posting do put an almost Godly light around her. That is not for any of us to judge. Many people have such strong faith that they are just filled with love and hope when they hear a prayer or message from Lorna. Please just give them that. Go after targets in bad business dealings, unethical practices in your banking system or laws. Trust me Cyril, no one makes a fool of me. I do not share my stories b/c I know I would immediately doubt such stories if they were another’s shared with me. I have to make the decision to ignore the commercialization of it as best as I can in order to find the things that resonate. I do believe in God and I do believe in angels but I never learned that I should believe from a book or a preacher. Just please stay off Lorna’s Facebook page. It’s not like you are gaining any kind of credibility by your actions.

    1. Rikka what Lorna is doing is bad business practice and entirely unethical even if she believes it. Would an electrician or builder have the right to sell their services without verification. If you have read her book and are not concerned about her behaviour you are not objective. There is much more I could write about in relation to her lunatic claims but I have kept it as brief as I could. Many relatively sane people have minor delusions or hallucinations some see aliens other angels or whatever else they wish to believe in but Lorna has gone much further.

      1. I do get your point. Of course I do but again, these are experiences you have not had so there is absolutely no way you can possibly be open to it. No one can prove what so many have shared after dying and being revived. No one can prove why I clearly saw the physical form of a person and the surroundings they were in years before the exact image became reality. I only recalled the vision AFTER meeting and knowing the person in vision when they happened to be surrounded by landscape and landmarks seen before. No one can explain how a 4 year old pulled her badly injured little 2 year old sister from a hidden car wreck that killed their mother, discovered after a cold night by 2 fishermen who noticed missing branches on the treescape as they sped by. Those fisherman had a gut instinct and called 911 as they decided to turn around on the highway. 911 operator said there were no reports of a car crash. I’ve seen pictures. I would not have noticed the branches. No tire treads, no sign at all. How did the 4 year old know what to do, wrapping she and sister in a blanket 30 feet from crash site? You can find this news story on the web. It happened yesterday in Washington by Oregon border. I will leave it at that. I would rather keep an open mind in these matters.

      2. And I also understand the for profit argument. I could never do it myself. But what if I was “told” to take these things public and the public responded with a hunger for more? I will leave that to God’s judgment. I am not Lorna. I do not have her messages or visions. What she says are very normal to her. Done.

  6. Cyril, reading through the your blog and not even half way though it, could I be bothered to even finish reading the rubbish and slander on the page, I wonder what makes a person go through these lengths to discredit someone simply by reading a book, a book that brings a message of hope, happiness and above all …… love, Which by every word on your blog I can see you know nothing about, and looks to me that YOU are the one with the issues here. Your a loner aren’t you, you’ve always been an awkward person and haven’t had much (if any) luck in your relationships, you can come back and write different but you know the truth….don’t you! I can tell what your like just by your picture, (love facebook for this) Let me tell you a little fact that will indeed happen to to you, insecure people like yourself that like to put people down with their “education” knowledge (knowledge not wisdom) will often find themselves in their hypocrisy and see themselves in the mirror. It will be embarrassing for you, because the truth is that your just a sad little man.
    Blessings to you Cyril.

    1. Rico even if I am a loner that had no success in relationships what has that to do with whether or not Lorna is genuine or not? Now that you have made that point can you tell me exactly why a loner like me shouldn’t be concerned about people like Lorna. On the contrary your response makes me more concerned that you are emotionally dependent on a story teller who possible uses emotion to manipulate people.

  7. I bought a book called Angels in Your Hair last year.. never heard of Lorna Bryne before and was quite mesmorised by the first chapter when I started flicking through it..then I gave it to a friend as did not have time to read much more and thought I would get back to it eventually.
    Having read this all I can say is no one comes back to tell us if there is an after-life or if indeed angels do exist and if it is a con it is sad indeed..
    I would like to believe the author isn’t deceiving people although a lot of it does seem to be far-fetched but people who have faith and want to believe it will. and people who don’t simply won’t.
    Only time and God will tell everything.

  8. hi cyril x, i believe in the old saying, if you have nothing good to say, then say nothing. undoubtably in a previous life you would of been baying for the crucifixon of jesus too, and its obvious to all who read your uncalled for slander, in this life you are still just as ignorant and have learned nothing but to heap negative energy on others. your all to willing to slate a woman whose bought a lot of love into a lot of peoples lives, which leaves me thinking how much love in this world, you have given or recieved, not a lot i can only imagine. you can put your faith in science and scientists whose over inflated egos try to claim ultimate power for themselves, fooling people such as yourself, as religion as fooled the masses for far to long. God is divine love, and this love resides in you and all humans whether you believe it or not, God doesn’t interfere with mortal life, causing wars , natural disasters or anthing else that carries negative energy, that is caused by our own reactive minds and irrational thinking, or by the very planet we live on and destroy through greed. God like any loving parent left the light on in heaven, so the children could return , that light is the soul , which we all have the choice to acknowledge or not. Have a lovely day cyril x and a beautiful life, without hurting others. kind regards michael x

    1. I dont need to give an answer to your reply Michael it wouldnt serve any purpose but your reaction shows just how important it is to take on those who are potentially exploiting people.

      1. Cyril,you are 100 percent right. I feel there are too many wolves like lorna.The likes of her took my money ,that I couldnt really afford in the first place.They would leave you homeless,They charge feckin 50 ,60,80,euroes.I lost two close relatives and have to say my head was on back to front for a while.As for the people who are writing in on Lornas behalf.WHO ARE THEY REALLY ? Foxes everywhere! And in the words of me ole granny “Long run the fox,but when it is caught ,there will be no mercy”. Keep up the good work Cyril.Theres plenty more like her .

  9. your lack of reply says it all cyril x the only reaction i show is one of truth, there are no martyers in heaven who seek only to hurt others . i take it you’ve never exploited anyone for your own gain seeing how passionate you are on explotation. i can see why you choose the life of an athiest, you can cast stones without thought of repercussions. x

  10. The problem is Lorna cant be accused of fraud as she hasn’t broken any law. Claiming money in the name of religion isn’t illegal. Her behaviour is just suspiciously similar to other miracle claimants. Publishers want profit and wont be interested. I have already mailed all her TV media outlets. All one can do is highlight the issue to the the public as best I can.

  11. I really enjoyed your article on Lorna Byrne, it was funny and straight to the point, after reading your article I must admit it has changed my views on her. I don’t really know much about her and the only time I have seen her mentioned is on face book posts, I did not know she had made such bizarre claims and find it outstanding people still have faith and believe in her. I notice she never seems to comment herself on any of these posts even when people have asked her a question. Obviously a very clever lady that has tuned in to a very lucrative market.

    1. Thanks Janine. Your remark about not knowing she made such remarks strikes a cord. Many who read her book didnt notice them until I pointed them out. My guess the reason why is the use of extremely emotional language. This suppresses critical thought.

  12. Remember if you don’t believe in God then you conveniently don’t believe in the existence of Satan. who does that suit in the logical mind of the human?
    Is there evidence of evil in the world , Is there evidence of good in the world; scientists and their microscopes ; “why look at the stars when there are daisies under your feet”
    Stars are cool cos they are like full of burning gas and stuff and so far removed from our existence that we will spend hours looking at them and measuring them and stuff and then we can know how clever we are because we can avoid our here and now !
    It only took Neil Armstrong 3 days to get to the moon , it’s taking laddee thirty days ; and science says it has the answers of course it does and einstein said there were no blackholes..
    Live and let live!


  14. Cyril, you are a sad individual, incredibly arrogant with an elevated sense of your own importance! I feel sad for you as yours must be a very empty and lonely existence. You speak completely without love or a sense of spirit, the two things that make us fully human, empathetic & willing to take on board the views of others! Without that sense of openness you have a completely narrow and blinkered view of life. It is attitudes like yours that result in a lack of tolerance in the world and hence all the fighting and unrest. Live and let live Cyril, you might be a lot happier for it!

    1. Dr Aisling Sheridan I can only hope that you are not a doctor of anything remotely scientific. I have to comment on that fact by the very use of the authority bias by using the word Dr. If you are a genuine doctor and cant understand why skeptics like myself do what we do then perhaps you are in the wrong career. Whether or not Lorna believes what she says, she is exploiting the trust and potentially the life savings of incredibly vulnerable people. If she believes what she says she is suffering from extreme delusions of narcissism, if she doesn’t believe what she says, she is a sociopath. None of these two personalities should be entertained by the media or granted access to vulnerable people. Your emotional outburst towards me does nothing to ease my concern about her influence on you too. I suggest you listen to your family and friends when they express their concerns about people who claim the things Lorna does. You too are very much vulnerable to these sort of people.

  15. Hi Cyril x
    Really thought you would of given up the ghost by now, alas we all live in our own ignorance, and arrogance in believing we know better than everyone else, as to what is good for us, or for others.. I actually took the time out 4 days ago to see Lorna x in Birmingham, you may call her actions exploitive, and that she takes advantage of people who are vulnerable,yet her actions speak volumes over your negative, accusing words. Lorna x at the very least was sincere in handling the emotions of people who through no fault of their own are suffering in life, or are curious to look outside their own box to find lifes answers. I am not vulnerable in any shape way, or form, so am not fooled easily, you on the other hand are unable to look outside your own small little box, you accuse those who are vulnerable of also being stupid and naive, and are most definitely not sincere in your actions or words, only attempting as i have stated before, to boost your own ego, off the back of a good woman. It is time for you to grow up and behave man.

    michael x

    1. Michael I really wish I could believe you are not easily fooled but all the evidence is to the contrary. All I can say is that these people pose potential financial and emotional dangers to yourself or others whether or not Lorna is a conscious fraud. What Lorna Byrne is writing is not sane. I dont mean eccentric or odd I mean potentially dangerous psychiatric consequences. If Lorna believes it I question her suitability to be around vulnerable people. Ireland and the world has let these people ruin too many lives.

      1. Cyril x it really doesn’t matter what you think or believe of me. When you talk of all the evidence points to the contrary, you are talking of the evidence that lays inside the comfort of your own, and that of sciences own knowledgeable little boxes. By the grace of God one day you will see and understand the negativity you yourself are imprinting on others,in your own potentially dangerous insane quest to cause alarm and distress to a fellow soul,whom you have never even met, you remove even the slightest glimmer of hope from peoples lives, and my prayers go out to wendy x and her child, for healing angels to protect and surround them, and that she can see the despair you yourself spread, though you will obviously think that insane.
        regards Michael

      2. Michael I guess we will have to agree to differ on the matter. Im sure you are a good person but we have to go where our conscience takes us. I will sleep better knowing if even just a handful of people become less dependent on these folk. Look after yourself Michael.

  16. Hi
    I am amazed by the responses to your entirely reasonable blog. There is no evidence for Lorna Byrnes claims. Why does a rational sceptical response to someone’s fantasy promote such outrage? People here assume a lot. They assume her claims are true, they assume you are lonely and mean. They assume to much. The deluded people need a dose of rationality. I despair at what delusions they tell their children are real.
    People with faith are pretending to know things they don’t . Keep up the good work

    1. Thanks again Ian. Unfortunately responses like this are to be expected. Victims family and friends will often have warned them until it is too late. The pattern of behaviour of people like Lorna and those who follow her is predictible. We know Lorna already has gained a house out of this not to mention millions in book sales for herself and her publisher. However the shock factor of blogs like this will help a minority of people who are borderline fans to realise the dangers these deluded individuals pose and that it is neither therapeutic or without the potential for harm. Lorna Byrne creates psychological addiction as do people like Deepak Chopra and others. Their believers swear they have helped them but the same hurt people will be on her page as the day I left not realising the solution to their problems is professional help and the love of family and friends.

  17. As I said in another article, I did not believe in angels and saw them with my boyfriend as grounded and sceptical as you seem to be. So me I am finding the second book difficult for me to read and accept, because I have seen angels and not because I am sceptical.

    For me it is obvious Lorna has written her books by herself, is not schizophrenic at all, and not interested in money.

    For me she really sees angels and what she is describing.

    But the thing is for me who have seen them as well, I cannot understand so many things she is describing.

    For example her sadness when she lost her husband, when she is surrounded with angels. I do not understand how she can be sad with angels around, as angels it is like receiving 1000 shots of morphine, it is pure joy, love, well being, no judgement. You feel completely happy and death does not exist any more.

    For me her visions are very connected with Christianity, when in fact for me angels are not connected with any kind of religion. Her vision of Christianity is very Irish, like for example the Queen of angels.

    Beside that, I cannot but really cannot why she cannot give any prove to her visitor in real life, as a journalist wrote about her visit at her place, and she answered that she could not give any prove, when it seems to me it is so easy to give proves.

    Any psychic of a good level is able to give proves.

    I visited Eva Petulengro who wrote great books and she can give a lot of proves within a few minutes.

    So why the angels cannot? When they can in her books?

    For me Lorna is sincere, pure and honest, no doubt about it, but I just cannot understand some details she gives especially in her second book.

    Her vision of god, as well, is making me perplex.

    It is just too Christian for me. And what I saw, was not Christian, so this Christianity and details about Christianity let me perplex, in a bad mood in a certain way, full of questions.

    I read December 2014 Expecting Adam from Martha Beck, fantastic book, very powerful about angels. Martha Beck never put me in a bad mood like Lorna did.

    When arriving in Ireland, the second or third day, I bought by chance, one book from her the first one in a charity shop, and the second one two days after in a charity shop. Without searching.

    What she wrote that I really liked, it was about the bird angel, as it happened to me once this birds appearance completely mystic and out of control.

    So when I read her, I always compare to what I have lived, and it just sometimes does not fit.

  18. It is been 3 times I am trying to leave a comment it piss me off.
    Well as I said I saw angels in real, being as pragmatic and sceptic as you are and my ex boy friend too being completely sceptic and pragmatic. Without drugs or alcohol or even thinking about angels, it was early morning.

    So my question to her would be:

    How can you be sad with angels surrounding you for example when you had lost your husband? I cannot imagine being sad with angels as it makes me think when I had my kidney stones crisis and that the doctor injected me 40 times the usual morphine, a new stuff, and I just fled over the clouds in a total happiness.

    I cannot understand how it is possible to be sad with angels surrounding her.

    Beside that those Christian details, are really making me perplex, especially the trinity and the queen of angels, and so many other details.

    I wish all this would exist for real, but so if it exists for real, it means I need really to review my point of views on so many things, it put me in a very very bad mood.

    I do not know what to think about all this.

    I read Expecting Adam from Martha Beck one year ago, her book never caused this sadness inside me.

    I am pretty sure Lorna did not use any ghost writer it is her own story, you can see it in the interviews. You can see as well that she is clever, grounded, and very simple. Her eyes are not really normal if you observe well. There is something about her.

    Why cannot she give any prove to her visitor??? I read a journalist saying that after her visit to her.

    It is so easy to give proves, even for a simple psychic like Eva Petulengro who wrote great books and that you can meet in Brighton for 20 pounds.

    It is so easy to give proves.

    So many things I do not understand at all.

  19. I find Lorna’s world fascinating and would do anything to be able to percieve the way she does… she is kind and gentle and means well by every word she shares

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