Iowa: Ireland and the world stands in solidarity as your State makes history next Monday Febuary 1st


Today Iowa will become the 1st US State to put Bernie Sanders on a path to the White House; be a part of history and caucus.

In the final hours before the people of Iowa caucus Bernie needs everyone in Iowa to be a volunteer. If enough Afro-Americans Latinos and Young voters come out and caucus, Bernie will win in Iowa. If he wins in Iowa nothing will stop him. Please get your workmates classmates friends and family out. 

People of Iowa, Ireland and the world stand with you next Monday when you go to make history by setting Bernie Sanders on the path to becoming the 45th president of your great Country. You have the opportunity to make history. For too long the US political right have hijacked the term patriot for their own nefarious ends. Sending kids to war instead of college is not patriotic. Denying the sick and elderly the medical care they need is not patriotic. Locking up disproportionate numbers of Afro-Americans and having the highest numbers of incarcerated citizens on earth is not patriotic.  Having soaring numbers of children living in poverty is not patriotic. State sanctioned murder is not patriotic. Making women second class citizens in terms of pay or their reproductive health is not patriotic. Creating the type of society that allows mass shootings on a level that is not found in any developed nation on earth is not patriotic. Creating a government made up of Christian theocrats contrary to the wishes of the founding fathers of America and its constitution is not patriotic. Income inequality on a scale that is not found anywhere else on earth is not patriotic. Denying science and global warming to a degree that poses an existential threat to our planet and disproportionally affecting the poorest people is not patriotic. This is what Republicans stand for. It is not the America the rest of the world grew up to admire.


I have met countless Americans both within the US and around the world on my travels over the last 20 years and this is not the country they want to live in. I have long known that America would eventually consign this disturbing legacy to the dustbin of history. Ireland was once too a place made infamous for its Catholic repression and all too often a nation defined by religious bigotry and theocratic government but the Ireland of 2016 is better than that. Our generation strived to change the course of our history from one of an outdated country scourged by religious repression, ignorance and bigotry to a new secular and inclusive path. We still have a lot of work to do in terms of our abortion laws and access to secular education but we have shown a strong and determined commitment to right the wrongs of our past.


I have every belief that the people of Iowa will carve a place in US history next Monday by setting Bernie Sanders on the road to become your next president. I believe he stands placed like no other candidate for this role and has been heroically steadfast in his commitment to building a just and fair society. What other candidate can boast to claiming to be a democratic socialist during the Ronald Reagan era? Bernie did not court popularity instead popularity found him. Everything about him shows it is a political vision that motivated him to enter politics and not a lust for power. This sets him apart from any politician on either side of the Atlantic ocean.


Ireland and the world is with you Iowa. Let’s get out the vote



Let’s make history next Monday. Get your family and friends to vote. I have every belief that there are enough liberal progressive people in your State to place Bernie on the path to the White House. During our referendum on same sex marriage in Ireland in 2015, people came home from far and wide to vote. If you have family and friends further away please beg them to come home to vote. If you are a taxi business please consider offering free rides to the polls for Bernie as happened in Ireland in what became known as the drive for equality.


Bernie is loved not just by Americans but by the whole world.


Bernie Sanders heroic commitment has not only been noticed by Americans but by almost every country on earth. Well wishes from Europe, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, India and many more have been a consistent hallmark of his facebook page. It will give joy to countless people around the world to watch Bernie take on Donald Trump or whoever wins the Republican ticket in the forthcoming presidential debates. Not only in my estimation but by nearly every reliable poll, he is more capable than Hillary Clinton to defeat the Republican nominee.


Iowa you will show that the politics of greed, fear and hatred does not define America. You have the golden opportunity to tell corporate America that they are not stronger than the American people or their government. I have every faith that the people of your State will go out in their thousands and make history. America and the world are ready for Bernie on January 20th 2017.


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