Ireland stands with New Hampshire & Bernie Sanders.

NH Primary


Last Monday Feb 1st. Bernie Sanders achieved what many believed was impossible, when he tied with Hillary Clinton in the Iowa Caucus. I was not one of the many. Since I first heard about Bernie last August I was convinced that he had what it takes to go all the way to the White House. I believe he is one of the most inspiring politicians of our time, not just for Americans but anywhere in the English speaking world. He is remarkable in terms of his selfless commitment to a noble and economically achievable political vision and for his unwillingness to accept power at any cost.

Whether it is Ireland, America or anywhere else, a politician should never be taken on their word. More than once, politicians of every stripe and colour have used the word revolution unjustifiably.  However Bernie Sander’s political career has shown that he is not merely a man of shallow words and fake pretences. By declaring himself a socialist under the Reagan government, he effectively disqualified himself from running for president indefinitely. This action alone sets him apart from the others. Most politicians fit their ideas to the time and their degree of popularity whereas genuine leaders wait for their ideas to be accepted and shun popularity for its own sake.

There is an abundance of online material showing the depth of political and economic wisdom Bernie Sanders possesses. He unconventionally schooled the former Federal Reserve chairman Alan Greenspan about the impending financial collapse and economic recession in 2004 much to his disgust. Three years later he would be proven correct and the leader of Americas most financial elite club would be forced to eat his words. His now famous video outlining the consequences of the invasion of Iraq has shown the degree to which he can be trusted as a leader of sound judgement when it comes to US foreign policy which is in stark contrast to his opponent Hillary Clinton.


New Hampshire now has a choice. It is between an America of the rich and wealthy or one for all its citizens. Do you reward those who are self-serving or those who have demonstrated a selfless impassioned commitment to the common good?


Please get out and vote in your primary next Tuesday. Voting is the single biggest act of resistance any individual can do no matter how hopeless the situation may seem. Electing Bernie alone will not solve all Americas or the world’s problems but it will demonstrate a palpable commitment to change.  Read my original Bernie Sanders blog here.

Bernie NH

New Hampshire get out the vote every single ballet counts!

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