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Campaign against the Genesis II Church of Health & Healing in Ireland: Politicians, Medical Professionals and You have an important role to play. Please get involved.


Please lend your support to our campaign on twitter by tweeting using the hash-tag #bleaching4jail. Our twitter handle is sayno2quackery. Join and like us on facebook.com/bleaching4jail. 


Following a moving phone call with Fiona O’ Leary a few days ago regarding the Genesis II Church of Health & Healing (otherwise known as the bleaching cult) and the writing of my own blog on the issue, I feel compelled to take matters into my own hands. Fiona has worked tirelessly over the last year to try and achieve justice on this issue. She has made superb gains getting the issue highlighted on the Prime Time investigates documentary and having a facility belonging to this lunatic cult raided. However I firmly believe the time for dialogue is now over. This cult will not go away until it receives the full force of the State acting against it. The process has already started, and as the national press have reported, the Gardai are now involved. However this is not even close to enough.


For my part I wish to declare war on this movement. I do not believe mere threats and Garda investigations will stop the activities of these people.  I propose the State enact new laws to put the activities of this group of deranged lunatics on a par with the trafficking of drugs and legislate for a minimum three year jail sentence for anyone knowingly profiting either directly or indirectly from this type of scam. However the activities of a handful of people are unlikely to bring about a change in the law. That is why I believe we must form a coalition of medical professionals and the general public to force the government to bring about the necessary legislation without delay.

I intend to start this process by writing to the three politicians (I know of) currently serving who are qualified medical doctors Leo Varadkar, James Reilly and Professor John Crown and bring this despicable scam to their attention. If this is unsuccessful, I then intend to form a coalition of unity among all trade unions in the healthcare sector to press for reform. I intend to find interested parties throughout the entirety of the Irish healthcare system to help bring this about by lobbying their respective trade union. A number of healthcare workers have already become proactive in this campaign and undoubtedly many more will be eager to get on-board.

As for the general public your help will be absolutely essential. Please write to your local TD and highlight this issue to them as a matter of urgency. If you like you can use the standard letter (Letter  file) below by simply double clicking on the word Letter and print and sign. Thanks for your assistance. Finally my message to anyone thinking of selling or promoting MMS in Ireland in the future is simple stop now or face a considerable time behind bars.


Finally please spread the word by sharing this and making an effort to write to your local TD. My personal letter to Professor John Crown, Leo Varadkar and James Reilly as parliamentarians who are qualified medical doctors are below.

Thank You


Dear Professor Crown

I am writing to all the qualified medical doctors I know of in the Dail and Seanad on behalf of Fiona O’ Leary and her heroic work that  lead to the Prime Time Investigates documentary that chillingly exposed the sinister activities of the lunatic cult known as the Genesis II Church of Health and Healing founded by ex-scientologist Jim Humble.

I wrote a blog “Pseudoscience gone toxic” (which can be googled) praising Fiona’s valiant efforts and lengthy dedication to do everything in her power to fight the activities of this insidious movement. I am very proud of the fact that it moved Fiona so much as to get back to me through facebook. Following a half hour phone call in which she described a living nightmare and witnessing the poisoning of children in the sick and ghoulish belief that Autism has a parasitic basis and can be remedied by ingesting Master Mineral Solution (MMS) which amounts to laboratory grade industrial bleach when acidic food or drinks are consumed.

The sheer narcissism of Jim Humble and his henchmen can be readily seen by taking a cursory glance at the cult’s official website. He claims no less than to be on a quest to grant health to all mankind. The organisation even has a wiki-like page with an A-Z list of diseases it claims to be able to cure.

Fiona’s brave work and dedication to the cause of fighting this band of “Jim Jones” type cult (to use Fiona’s own expression) convinced me within minutes of ending the phone call to take up her mantle and summon the full force of the Irish State to crush their activities and send a loud and clear message that anyone engaging in poisonous quackery can expect a lengthy prison sentence and have their assets seized by the criminal assets bureau.

I trust that as a medical doctor and as someone in a position of authority that you will heed my warning on the dangers of this toxic cult and request a debate in the Dail and Seanad on the passing of emergency legislation to destroy the capacity of this organisation to do any further harm to the most vulnerable people in Irish society.

I propose the following legislation

  • A new criminal offence to be created for knowingly profiting directly or indirectly from the sale of substances hazardous to health as determined by public health officials and tested in a State laboratory.
  • The offence should be independent of labelling as the organisation got around some States laws by labelling MMS as a water purifying agent while simultaneously marketing it as a medicine.
  • The conviction should carry a three year minimum mandatory prison sentence for a first offence.
  • Power should be granted to the Gardai to arrest, detain and charge overseas individuals suspected of entering the country for the purposes of committing the above crime.
  • Irish based websites, banks and other commercial organisations should be subject to the above penalties if they are knowingly in receipt of money from the sale of toxic substances marketed as medicine.

Cults who engage in these types of activities require legislation on a par with counter-terrorism measures and the trafficking of illegal narcotics. This is why on behalf of Fiona O’ Leary; I am requesting you to instigate an appeal for cross party support for an imminent introduction of this urgently needed law reform.

A dedicated facebook page (facebook.com/bleaching4jail) and twitter account (sayno2quackery) have been set up along with the twitter hash-tag #bleaching4jail for the purposes of this campaign.

Yours sincerely


Cyril Butler